Easter Service Opener

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This video is a great way to open up your Easter service.


We were lost but not forgotten, desperate but not alone. In the midst of sinful darkness heaven spoke and hope was born.

The King of heaven came before us humbly as a man. He was tempted to forfeit His glory, yet His perfection reigned supreme.

His love was relentless to forgive the sinner, matchless to restore the sick. His authority tore down the self righteous and built up the weak. But While his followers praised Him his foes succeeded to crucify Him.

And On that day, their cry for execution was heaven's echo of redemption. It was the cruelty of our sinfulness that pierced the glory of heaven's holiness. His passion for humanity led him to the pain of the cross. His suffering would be our salvation and His blood would be our forgiveness.

While hope seemed to vanish, God's plan had just begun. Fear quenched the courage to follow, but the tomb of this rebel began to quake. Darkness covered the sky, but the light of heaven declared its anthem- Jesus is alive!

All realms of iniquity bowed to the King of Kings as He triumphed over death to bring us new life. We are no longer outlaws to His glory, alienated from His grace, we are children of the light standing empowered by the resurrection of Jesus Christ.